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Common Questions

  • Once I submit my Online Questionnaire, how long before my logo and store is ready to view?

In a week or less, we email the logo proof and store link to view and make any changes needed before your open date.


  • If I have questions or need assistance, can I speak with someone directly?

Definitely!  We have in-house Corporatewear Reps during regular business hours Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm CST.  

Call: (309) 829-6511 or Email:


  • Do I have to manage the online store myself?

No....we do it all!  We manage the store for you and also handle questions/comments from your shoppers directly.


  • Are there any requirements I need to meet to have our own company store?

Our store minimum is 24 pieces.  You can mix items, colors and sizes in the minimum

Some will have no problem meeting the requirements and others may, depending on the number of employees you have and what you feel the need/want is.  


  • What do the prices include?

Prices shown are all-inclusive and includes either 1 color screen print or left chest embroidery as noted under each product.


  • Are there any start-up costs?

There is a one-time $60.00 start up cost on your 1st store for new logo setup.  No costs for repeat stores or logo already on file.


  • Can I charge a different amount in my store than what my cost is?

Yes, you have control over the prices you would like to charge.  There are 3 different options to choose from.


  • How long is my store open for?

We suggest keeping your store open 2-3 weeks.  We don't offer the option to keep it open on a continuous basis since we do all of the orders in bulk after your store closes.  This allows us to keep your costs low rather than setting up for a few shirts here and there.


  • Is it possible for me to open my store more than once?

Yes!  We find stores are most successful when they open their store twice a year.  Once for Spring/Summer and once for Fall/Winter.


  • How many items can I offer in my store?

You may choose up to 24 total items (each product + color = 1 item)


  • What should I expect in quality?

Select has over 36 years of experience in screen printing and embroidery.  Everything is done in-house which allows us to carefully control all aspects of the process to insure the highest possible quality.


  • What happens when my store closes?

When your store closes, we email your detailed sales report/order summary and approximate ship date.  We tally the orders and embroider/screen print everything in bulk.


  • When will I receive my orders and how will it come to me?

We ship 3 weeks from your 'store close date'.  All orders are bagged and sealed individually for easy distribution.  SHIPPING IS FREE if we ship to one main location.  We also have individual ship option to choose from.

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